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Reduce Out-Of-Pocket Expenses During Service Calls by Getting a Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan

Replacing your old heating or cooling system can be one of your most expensive repair costs. Although buying a new Maytag® HVAC system can lead to better performance and increased comfort throughout your home, you may still end up paying out-of-pocket for labor costs.

There is always the risk of problems occurring with your system, even when it's high quality and routinely maintained. While your Maytag® HVAC system comes with a long parts warranty, the warranty does not include labor costs. This is how purchasing a Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan can help you save money on out-of-pocket expenses. When you enter a Contractors' Preferred Protection Labor Plan, your unbudgeted, unexpected labor costs that come with a repair are covered.

Maytag® HVAC Warranty Reminder

The Maytag®HVAC parts warranty does not cover the labor costs during a service call. The high cost of repairs makes purchasing a labor protection plan monetarily beneficial: you may recoup your costs the first time your system needs to be serviced.

Labor costs average from $75 to $150 an hour in North America. This means that with one service call, you may be able to make up the cost of purchasing your Maytag® HVAC labor protection plan. Your part may be covered during your repair costs, but without additional protection, you will be left to pay for labor costs.

For more information about the labor protection plan for your new Maytag® HVAC, download the Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan brochure.

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When choosing a contractor, know that not all Maytag® HVAC dealers offer the Contractors' Preferred Protection plan. Look for the shield icon on the dealer locator to find a dealer who does offer the plan. Always make sure to talk to your contractor about labor warranties.

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