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C6BH-X | Maytag Indoor Evaporator Coil, Cased
Maytag Cased Coil

C6BH-X | Maytag Indoor Evaporator Coil, Cased

  • Premium Performance with Proper System Matching: Maximize efficiencies through correct system matching. When you pair this air handler with the right air conditioner or heat pump and indoor coil, you can achieve premium efficiency levels.
  • Steel Protects Interior Components: To protect the cabinet from corrosion and damage, this model is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane finish.
  • Factory Installed TXV: In order to provide precise refrigerant control under any load condition, this part comes equipped with a factory-installed, externally-equalized thermal expansion valve.

For leading cooling power, go with a dependable Maytag C6BH indoor evaporator coil. This type of coil sits on top of your furnace and completes your central cooling system. This model includes a factory-installed TXV.

Product Code: C6BH-X
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Warranty Info
  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 12-year parts warranty.
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