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C6BH iQ Drive | Maytag Evaporator Coil with Anteater Technology
Maytag iQ Drive Coil

C6BH iQ Drive | Maytag Evaporator Coil with Anteater Technology

  • This coil is no longer available.: Make sure you talk to your local Maytag heating and cooling contractor about appropriate coil matches for your air conditioner or heat pump.
  • Pair with the Right Outdoor Unit: In order to maximize the efficiency of your complete cooling system, you must pair this air handler with the correct air conditioner or heat pump, and indoor coil.
  • Exterior Is Strong and Reliable: The polyester-urethane finish that is used on the galvanized steel shell protects against corrosion.
  • Precise Refrigerant Control: For precise refrigerant control, an externally equalized electronic expansion valve is installed at the factory.

The C6BH-I is made for ultra-high efficiency iQ Drive systems. This model is durable and can help your iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump achieve maximum efficiency. An evaporator coil sits on top of your indoor furnace equipment as a part of your central cooling system.

Product Code: C6BH-I
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Warranty Info
  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 12-year parts warranty.
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