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Maytag® Air Handler Receives Distinction

Maytag Dealer Design Award Winner 2012

Anteater MC™ Air Handler receives an award in the Dealer Design Awards Program.

St. Louis, July 9, 2012 As always, you can depend on Maytag® to offer some of the best solutions for your heating and air conditioning needs. The B6EMMX Anteater MC™ Air Handler with Micro-Channel coils has been honored as a Silver Award Winner in the HVAC Residential Equipment category of the 9th annual Dealer Design Awards Program. This program is run by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine.

At Maytag we are honored to receive this distinction, says Matt Lattanzi, Maytag director of product management. Contractors and distributors can depend on the Maytag B6EMMX air handler for greater resistance to corrosion in tough environments.

The all-aluminum Micro-Channel coils are more resistant to formicary corrosion and are lighter than traditional, copper tube-in-fin coils. The air handler also requires 50 percent less refrigerant. Because of the air handlers coil technology, it is easier to service and requires minimal maintenance.

The Dealer Design Awards Program had 81 entries and was judged by 29 contractors. The Maytag® B6EMMX air handler was recognized as one of the winners because its coil can help alleviate worries about formicary corrosion.

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