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PGC2MQ iQ Drive | Maytag M1200 97% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnace
Maytag Modulating Gas Furnace

PGC2MQ iQ Drive | Maytag M1200 97% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnace

  • Inventive: Choose this furnace and get a system that works with your home to save energy on heating costs, while providing superior home comfort. This system analyzes the indoor temperature of your home every minute and is able to adjust its firing percentage to meet your homes needs. It can adjust between 50% and 100% with the gas valve and down to 15% with time proportioning through your smart thermostat.
  • ENERGY STAR Designation: Select sizes and matches of this gas furnace system qualify for the ENERGY STAR high-efficiency designation.
  • Incredibly Quiet Operation: This unit uses an insulated cabinet for complete sound reduction. Additional noise reduction comes in the form of a motor that ramps up instead of abruptly switching from off to on, and vice versa. In single-stage furnaces, the motor can be noisy when it switches from on to off.
  • Innovative iQ Drive Controller: With this furnace, you will get complete control over your homes comfort. This controller has many features, including: troubleshooting diagnostics, maintenance reminders and the ability to completely program your home comfort system.
  • Easy to Pair with an iQ Drive System: For the best efficiency and home comfort, this furnace can be paired with your high-quality iQ Drive cooling product.
  • Extra-High Energy Efficiency: This products ecoLogic green seal qualification means that it is not only energy efficient, but includes additional home comfort features that improve performance.
  • Factory Checks Result in Quality Units: Premium heating power made possible with the use of factory quality checking practices. This unit is checked 234 times before being shipped to your home.

For a more uniform mix of air with virtually no hot or cold spots, this furnace delivers. The iQ Drive PGC2MQ iQ Drive gas furnace is fully modulating. This means that it is able to continuously adjust its heat output to meet the needs of your home at any given point in time. You can also expect lower utility bills with this furnace due to the 97% AFUE efficient performance.

Product Code: PGC2MQ
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  • Exceptional 12-year all-parts warranty.
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 12-year Dependability Promise to replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails.
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