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B6VMAI iQ Drive | Maytag Air Handler
Maytag iQ Drive Air Handler

B6VMAI iQ Drive | Maytag Air Handler

  • Unfortunately: We no longer offer this particular air handler. To match the right air handler with your air conditioner or heat pump, talk to your local Maytag contractor.
  • Smart iQ Drive Communicating System: With a Maytag iQ Drive air handling system, youll get an iQ Drive controller for complete control over your indoor environment. The controller displays maintenance reminders, features a programmable comfort schedule and provides troubleshooting diagnostics.
  • Long Lasting: This air handler features Anteater technology for increased resistance against the top cause of coil leaks formicary corrosion.
  • Ultimate Home Comfort: Variable-speed operation makes premium home comfort levels achievable. This unit runs longer at lower speeds, resulting in more consistent temperatures and extra-quiet noise levels associated with running the unit.
  • Incredibly Quiet: In order to keep noise levels down, this unit has quiet and smooth blower on/off cycles.
  • Galvanized Steel Construction: The galvanized steel shell includes a 1.5 mil thick, corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.
  • Superior Insulation: This unit keeps noise levels down at the bare minimum. The cabinet of this unit includes 1 thick insulation with an R-value of 4.2. This insulation contributes to quiet operation and can prevent cabinet sweating in more difficult applications.

The B6VMAI air handler aids in providing the best cooling efficiency around. Pair this air handler with an iQ Drive air conditioner or iQ Drive heat pump and experience money-saving efficient performance. The extra-efficient blower motor helps provide consistent temperatures efficiently increasing home comfort and potentially lowering your utility bills. Ask your contractor if this air handler is a proper match for your desired cooling unit.

Product Code: B6VMAI
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Warranty Info
  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 12-year parts warranty.
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