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Maytag® 14 and 16 SEER Air Conditioners Utilize Micro-Channel Coil Technology

Maytag Micro-channel

New coils offer greater resistance to formicary corrosion along with other benefits.

St. Louis, November 27, 2012 Maytag® heating and air will be adding Micro-Channel coil technology to their 14-SEER PSA4BE and 16-SEER PSA4BF air conditioners. These coils can be depended on to provide greater corrosion resistance and easier handling due to a smaller size.

In addition to resisting corrosion in hostile environments, the new units will include other features that have implications for the performance, size and longevity of the unit. These include:

  • Less refrigerant: The PSA4BE and PSA4BF air conditioners will use up to 42% less refrigerant than the traditional tube-in-fin systems.
  • Reduced size: The updated air conditioning systems will weigh 6-7% less, and the height on some units will be lowered by up to 4 inches.

The units will be available up to 4 tons in both efficiencies. For more information on these sturdy Maytag® air conditioners, distributors and contractors should visit

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