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Maytag Introduces MSA6BF 16 SEER Air Conditioner

Maytag MSA6BF 16 SEER air conditioner

New air conditioner offers excellent efficiency at an affordable price.

St. Louis, October 26, 2012 The new Maytag heating and air MSA6BF 16 SEER air conditioner can not only be depended on for high efficiency, but also for a lower price. This new system combines the best of both worlds by providing a high-quality air conditioner homeowners have come to depend on with an affordable price tag.

Because of the high SEER rating, this air conditioning unit may be eligible for local rebates or incentives. In addition, the system's all-aluminum Micro-Channel coil technology makes it more resistant to corrosion. It also contains a Copeland Scroll compressor.

"At Maytag we have been able to combine efficiency and affordability," says Matt Lattanzi, director of product management. "It has never been easier to afford a high-end system."

The air conditioner is available in 2, 2.5 and 3 tons.

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