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The key to proper furnace performance and installation starts with selecting the right Arkansas contractor.

Whether you live in northern Arkansas, where temperatures tend to reach extremes on both sides of the temperature spectrum, or the rest of the state where summers are hot and humid and winters are mild, you are going to need a qualified heating and air conditioning professional to install or repair your heating system. The gas furnace contractor search starts by knowing which questions to ask when a contractor comes to your home. If they simply give you a quote over the phone or on the back of one of their business cards before properly looking around,t hey may not be taking your entire furnace installation job into account. Take the time to do your research and find the Arkansas furnace contractor with the right training and certifications to install your furnace right the first time.

At Maytag® our goal is to make sure that your furnace buying experience goes smoothly. Here is some helpful advice for making a furnace purchase.

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Choosing a heating system for your Arkansas home is highly dependent on your location. While residents further south can have a heat pump installed in their home to address all of their heating and cooling needs, a homeowner in northern Arkansas will need more heating power during the colder winters. For these homeowners, a dual-fuel system can be the right way to address all home heating and cooling needs. This system pairs a heat pump with a gas furnace. This way you can have electric heating power from your heat pump when temperatures aren't quite as frigid but still have the ability to switch to the powerful heating power supplied by a gas furnace when temperatures drop below freezing.

The person who will know which system is right form homes in your area is the person installing all of this equipment - your local furnace contractor. Contact your local Arkansas furnace contractor today.

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