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Maine Natural Gas Furnace Contractors

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Looking to have a new natural gas furnace installed in your Maine home?

Whether you are trying to schedule furnace cleaning or having a high-efficiency natural gas furnace installed in your home, contractor selection is an important part of the process. Depending on the skill level of your contractor, you could end up with a system that is improperly installed. Make sure that when you are looking for your contractor you ask them the right questions and make sure that you get several different quotes. This is not just for price comparison but also to make sure that everything that needs to be serviced is receiving attention.

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Let It Snow! ...As Long As You Have a Powerful Natural Gas Furnace

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Due to its location so far north, Maine has some cold winters. Although the Atlantic Ocean does have a slight effect on the weather, it still stays very cold during the winter. Make sure to tackle these cold winters with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace, like the 97% AFUE modulating gas furnace. This model can analyze indoor temperatures and adjust the amount of capacity it is running at to provide just the right amount of heat, while using just the right amount of energy. This ability to work at different capacities means you can save energy and even recoup the initial price difference between this and other lower-efficiency units, over time.

Talk to your local natural gas furnace contractor for information on high-efficiency gas furnaces in Main homes.

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