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Kerr Dam in Montana

Worried about the cost of your new Montana furnace?

There are several indicators that are going to affect the cost of your heating and air conditioning system. For example, efficiency has a big role to play in both initial costs and costs over time. At the beginning you are going to pay more for a high-efficiency furnace, but you are going to be able to recoup those costs over time in utility savings. Another indicator of price is how much work needs to be done on your overall HVAC system. When your professional furnace contractor goes to install a system they are not just going to be checking the existing system, but the duct work, the indoor air quality components and both the interior and exterior portions of your unit. This can translate to higher costs (in case any of these things need to be serviced or replace) but you will be thankful in the long run. Make sure you hire a contractor that is going to look for these things when installing or repairing your furnace.

Big and Landlocked, Montana Features a Wide Range of Different Climates

Mountains over the water in Montana

What Montana lacks in population, it makes up for in land area. And, what comes with a big area, particularly in the United States? Varied climate. Depending on the area you live in, you could get away with a heat pump (close to an electric furnace) or dual-fuel system, or you may need to invest in a high-efficiency system (like the iQ Drive® modulating gas furnace) especially if you live in a high altitude location. The iQ Drive modulating gas furnace is able to provide efficient heating power, even during the coldest winter nights. Not only that, but because it is able to modulate capacities, you can potentially save money on your utility bills. Heating costs can get very high for people who live in climates with long heating seasons so any savings on heating bills can help.

There are many tricks to the HVAC buying process. Read up on our helpful buying guides and find out more about making your new furnace purchase.

Your local Montana furnace contractor will have insight into the type of heating systems that are being installed in your neighborhood. Contact your local Montana contractor.

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