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Did your Oregon gas furnace repair appointment reveal more than you bargained for? It may be time to replace your existing unit.

Although your gas furnace can last up to 20 years, there does come a time when it is time to replace that old unit with one that is more efficient and offers indoor air quality benefits that will have you and your family breathing easier. You may feel lost when embarking on your new furnace purchasing journey, but you have help in the form of your local contractor. Just make sure that you do your research so you find the contractor with the right set of skills and knowledge. Word-of-mouth recommendations are great, but make sure that when you are browsing the dealer locator, you look for icons that indicate different financing options, equipment trainings, certifications and more.

Combine the Right Components Together to Get Your Ideal Oregon Heating System Setup.

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From wet Western Oregon to dry Eastern Oregon, you are going to need year-round heating and cooling assistance. A dual-fuel system can give you all of the heating and air conditioning power you need. Whether you are looking for a packaged system (all of the components located in one outdoor unit) or a split system, you can find everything you want in a dual-fuel system. These units combine a heat pump and a gas furnace. This way, you get the multi-purpose heating and cooling functionality combined with the power associated with a gas furnace. if you live in the west and choose an iQ Drive® unit, you can get additional dehumidification assistance. On the other hand, if you live in the east, you can add a whole home humidifier to you HVAC system. By increasing humidity, you can feel warmer and potentially drop your thermostat a few degrees in the winter, which can help you save money.

We offer some basic knowledge that will help you start your gas furnace purchasing journey.

Get in touch with your local Oregon gas furnace contractor to find out which systems are good for homes in your area.

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