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Whether you are going with a heat pump or a gas furnace, you are going to need a quality South Dakota heating contractor to install it.

In terms of costs associated with purchasing new heating and cooling equipment, the costs of installation/contractor costs are not the areas to cut corners. When a contractor gives you a higher quote for their services they may be factoring a lot of things (like costs associated with training, certifications, permits, proper installation practices, etc.). A contractor that offers you a lower quote for heating system installation may skimp on other aspects of the instillation, or may not be trained on the type of equipment you want. For example, high-efficiency heating systems often require a specific skillset to be installed properly.

Poor installation can lead to repairs and even replacement sooner rather than later. But, that is not the only thing that affects system satisfaction. Learn more about your new heating system purchase.

From Hot Summer to Cold Winters, South Dakota Residents Need a Powerful Heating System

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From winter to summer, there are going to be major temperatures differentiations throughout South Dakota. The best way to tackle these heating and cooling demands, and to do it in the least expensive way possible, is to invest in a system that has options and flexibility. A dual-fuel system does just that. Dual-fuel system setups combine a heat pump and a gas furnace. Your heat pump is where you get system flexibility. You can program you heat pump to heat your home down to a certain temperature mark (usually around freezing) then you can have your gas furnace kick-on to take over the more testing heating demands. This way, you can use less expensive, electric heating power until it is no longer cost effective.

If you want to learn about a dual-fuel system, or if you have questions about your current unit, talk to your local South Dakota heating contractor.

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