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Maytag Introduces a New High-Efficiency Gas/Electric Packaged System

The PPG3HE offers 95% AFUE two-stage heating operation.

Maytag PPG3HE Gas/Electric Packaged System Installed

March 4, 2014 Maytag heating and air is proud to introduce the first-ever condensing gas/electric packaged system the Maytag M1200 PPG3HE. This system reaches 95% AFUE, making it significantly more heating efficient than past gas/electric packaged unit models. While other units may reach 81% AFUE, this unit significantly surpasses that rating. This means that homeowners who choose to install this unit could enjoy reduced heating costs during the winter.

The way this gas/electric packaged system operates is truly innovative, says David Garvin, product manager at Maytag. No other gas/electric packaged system works like the PPG3HE; therefore, no other gas/electric packaged unit can reach these unprecedented levels of heating efficiency.

The PPG3HE, paired with an ECM blower, offers two-stage heating and 14-SEER single-stage cooling. Two-stage, condensing heating operation is made possible with a secondary heat exchanger. The condensate and flue gases are able to leave the unit together, ensuring that the condensate doesnt freeze and cause a component to fail.

Additional features that aid in enhancing the quality of this gas/electric packaged system, include:

  • A SmartStart control board that extends ignitor life by learning the start-up characteristics of the unit.
  • All-aluminum, Micro-Channel indoor and outdoor coils increase resistance against corrosion.
  • Horizontal configuration for easy slab installation. A downflow, rooftop configuration is scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2014.
  • A high-quality Copeland scroll compressor comes standard.
  • Includes a corrosion-resistant drain pan and embossed bottom pan that assist in keeping the blower compartment dry.

When homeowners register the PPG3HE they can enjoy a 12-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty and a 12-Year Dependability Promise to replace the unit if the compressor or heat exchanger fails. The Maytag R8HE M120 is also available with a 1-Year Dependability Promise when the unit is registered.

Maytag is a registered Trademark of the Maytag Corporation and used under license.
Copeland is a registered trademark of Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.

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