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The Maytag® PSH4BE Heat Pump Will Now Include Micro-Channel Condensing Coils

All-aluminum coils are more durable and efficient than traditional coils.

Maytag PSH4BE Heat Pump Installed

St. Louis, September 19, 2013 Maytag® will now include an all-aluminum Micro-Channel condensing coil in the PSH4BE and MSH4BE 14/15-SEER heat pumps. Although the use of Micro-Channel coils in air conditioners is common practice, Maytag® is the first heating and air conditioning manufacturer to use this dependable coil in heat pumps.

The use of Micro-Channel coils in a heat pump has never been done before, says Matt Lattanzi, director of product management at Maytag®. We know these coils will greatly enhance our heat pump units performance while making the units more compact.

These coils are already available in Maytag® air conditioners through 16 SEER, and will improve this heat pump model in the following ways,

  • Durability: Micro-Channel coils are more durable than traditional coils due to their consistent construction.
  • Size: Condensing units with Micro-Channel coils can be reduced in weight by 6-7 percent and, in some models, may be 4 inches shorter.
  • Refrigerant: These coils use 42 percent less refrigerant than traditional coils.
  • Heat Transfer: Micro-Channel coils facilitate heat transfer better than traditional coils. This means that units that include these coils can be smaller and more efficient.

For more information, contractors and distributors should visit To explore the benefits of the PSH4BE, MSH4BE and other dependable Maytag ® heat pumps, visit the Maytag Heat Pumps page.

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