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Air Conditioner True/False

Decide whether the statements are true or false.

Test your knowledge on HVAC questions

True? False? You decide.

  1. Lowering your thermostat temperature cools your home down more quickly.
  2. Closing vents and registers in unused rooms is a great way to save money.
  3. It’s a good idea to briefly open a window during the winter to air your home out.
  4. If you want more cooling power, invest in a bigger air conditioner.
  5. You should change your furnace filter once a season, or more frequently, especially if you have pets.
  6. Schedule preventative maintenance once a year – before the summer.


  1. False. Lowering your temperature settings may ultimately result in a cooler home, but it does not result in quicker cooling. All it does is make your air conditioner or heat pump run longer – raising utility bills.
  2. False. Your air conditioner is designed to heat and cool a certain amount of space. Closing vents and registers can negatively impact home comfort and damage your cooling equipment.
  3. True. Opening your windows briefly during the winter can help alleviate stale, stagnant air during the winter. However, keep it brief. You don’t want your heating power escaping outdoors.
  4. False. Like number 2, your air conditioner is designed to cool a certain amount of space. Your contractor should perform a Manual J load calculation to determine the size of your new air conditioner.
  5. True. A dirty filter lowers indoor air quality and can restrict airflow. Restricted airflow results in decreased home comfort, potential system damage and higher utility bills.
  6. False. You should schedule preventative maintenance with your local HVAC contractor TWICE a year – once for your air conditioner during the spring and, again, for your furnace during the fall.


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