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Thermostats and Warmer Weather

Spring is just around the corner...

Are you ready for the warmer weather? We sure are! Spring may be a few weeks away, but we're already thinking about gardening, warm weather and sunny days. What's your favorite part of the spring season?As temperatures rise, you want to make sure your air conditioner is in good shape. Schedule spring preventative maintenance to ensure proper cooling...
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Then Vs. Now: Furnaces

Do you know how much the furnace has changed over the years?

Home heating has been around for a while. It started with simple wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to today's high-efficiency, natural gas-powered furnaces. As the years have gone by, heating technology has improved more and more. This means the furnace sitting in your basement could be extremely out-of-date if it is an older...
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Issues with Airflow

Are you having trouble staying comfortable?

The worst way to ring in the New Year is with a high electric bill and an uncomfortable home. Airflow may not be something you've though about, but it is a critical component of home comfort. In fact, your whole heating and cooling system depends on your equipment's ability to access and condition the air in your home - trouble with airflow =...
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Winter HVAC Upkeep

Are you already sick of the cold weather?

The official first day of winter is the 21st of December. Chances are, the worst is yet to come weather-wise. Winter brings about parties with friends and family, holiday lights and assorted decor, but it also brings about cold drafts and slippery, snowy roads (unless you are fortunate enough to live in a place with mild weather). You want to make...
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Dealing with Extreme Cold

It's beginning to look a lot like...

WINTER! That frightful winter weather has crept into many areas of the country already. While some homeowners are blessed with mild winters, others need to prepare for subzero temperatures and snow.We're not talking about temperatures in the 40s...we're talking about temperatures that hurt your face as soon as you step outside. Here are some things...
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Alternative Heating Methods

How do you plan on heating your home this winter?

Are you prepared for winter? Having a proper method for heating your home is critical during the colder months. It's important for comfort and for making sure things like your pipes don't freeze and burst.Whole-home heating systems, like furnaces and heat pumps, are the best way to assure that your home is going to be set at the right,...
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What Is a Smart Thermostat

How automated is your home?

Have you given much thought to your thermostat? There are many options out there, some of which you may not know about. Some thermostats only work with single-stage equipment, others only work with single-stage equipment, others only work with a dual-fuel configuration. There are non-programmable thermostats and programmable thermostats. There are also...
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Pets and Heating and Air Conditioning

Have you checked your floor vents recently?

Are you beginning to feel a chill in the air? We're diving deeper and deeper into fall, and the weather is only going to get colder. Are you ready for chillier weather?While we're preparing for winter weather, it's important to keep our pets in mind. Anyone who has a pet knows how much of a mess they can make. Messes can lead to poor indoor...
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HVAC During Mild Weather

What do you set your thermostat to during the spring and fall?

Deciding when to switch from heating mode to cooling mode, and vice versa, may not be easy. It's important to keep air circulating during the spring and fall, but you may not need the power of your gas furnace or air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. So, what should you do?Here are some things to keep in mind when...
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Why Schedule Fall Maintenance

Temperatures are starting to cool off! Have you scheduled preventative maintenance?

We can't stress the importance of fall furnace preventative maintenance enough. There is nothing worse than expecting your furnace to kick on during a cold winter's day and being greeted by cool air or no air at all!Fall is the ideal time to schedule a furnace preventative maintenance appointment with...
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Fall Indoor Air Concerns and How to Counter THem

How clean is your indoor air?

We hear all sorts of things about outdoor air quality - the pollen count, pollution levels, allergens - you name it! But, what about the air you are breathing indoors? Yes, we spend a lot of time outdoors, but chances are we spend even more time in our home - especially during the winter.The fall and spring are peak allergy seasons. They are also the time...
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Furnace Replacement Options

Do you know what you're looking for in a new furnace?

Shopping for new heating equipment can seem like a daunting task. The life of the average furnace can span multiple decades - chances are you've never had to replace your system in the past. A new heating system is an investment financially and comfort-wise; you want to make sure you make the right decision.Here are some things you...
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