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Common Furnace Problems

Identifying various furnace issues

If you're having furnace problems, always call an HVAC contractor for help

It’s never a good day when you go to turn your furnace on, and you aren’t greeted by warm air. But, don’t break out the tools! It doesn’t matter what the circumstances may be, we strongly discourage DIY HVAC repairs.

This is particularly important to remember when it comes to gas furnaces. These units deal with a lot of components that must be hooked together correctly. If you try your hand at a DIY repair, you could end up dealing with much bigger issues than a cold home.

Here are some more minor issues that could be the cause of a no heat call. Check these things first, but drop the wrench as soon as things get too complicated. ALWAYS call an HVAC professional.

Check your thermostat settings. If your thermostat is set to a lower temperature than the temperature of your home, you are not going to receive warm air. If it’s cold in your home, raise the temperature settings on your thermostat.

Did you remember to have the gas turned on? If you’ve just recently moved into your home, and your furnace is the only appliance that takes gas, this can be a very real concern. Think back to move-in time. Did you remember to give the gas company a call?HVAC equipment is very complicated so we don't recommend trying to fix them yourself.

Check the power. Is it plugged in? Gas furnaces need electricity as well as gas to run during the winter. Maybe you forgot to turn it back on/plug it back in after you changed your furnace filter? Your unit may also not be receiving power due to an issue at the circuit breaker. Check to make sure a circuit has  not been tripped.

Remember, cutting corners now can have major financial repercussion in the future. Take the time to hire the right contractor for the job.

Have you had to turn your gas furnace on yet?


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