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Getting Your Home Ready for a Contractor

Do you know what to do to get your home ready for an HVAC contractor visit?

Spring maintenance season is fast approaching! It is important that you not only schedule a maintenance appointment with your local contractor, but you take the time to prepare for that appointment. This will save the contractor time at your home and will make the appointment go much more smoothly.

Here are some things that you should do before your HVAC contractor arrives at your home.

Bathroom preferences. Is there a certain bathroom you would like your contractor to use? It’s much better to communicate this beforehand. Make sure you tidy up and put away anything you don’t want a stranger seeing.

Put up pets. Fido may be friendly as can be, but you never know how a contractor may feel about pets. Make sure you put your pets in a safe, secure location. You don’t want them interfering with the work your contractor is doing.

Clear clutter away from equipment. Make sure your contractor will have easy access to your equipment so they don’t have to move your stuff out of the way to get to your outdoor condenser, indoor gas furnace or air handler.

Know where your equipment is located. Is your indoor equipment in a closet, crawlspace or attic? Do you know where your outdoor equipment is located? Is all of your equipment located outdoors? Where is your thermostat? Do you have multiple thermostats? These are important questions to find the answers to before your contractor walk in the door. This can really save some time on the job. And, as we all know, time is money.

The start to any quality heating and cooling service call, maintenance appointment or install starts with the search for a quality local contractor. Make sure you do some research before you hire the professional who is going to work on your heating and cooling equipment.

Did you know these tips already? Is there anything extra you do when a contractor comes to work on your home?


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