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Heating and Your Health

Are you taking care of your furnace during the winter?

Keep your house and your family healthy this winter

The answer to that question may be more important than you think. During the winter, we spend more time indoors trying to shelter ourselves from the cold. You want to make sure that your home is comfortable AND safe. Shockingly, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air.

Here are our tips for maintaining high indoor air quality during the winter.

The first, most important defense against poor indoor air quality is investing in a quality furnace filter. Look into your medical-grade filter options to keep the pollutants, allergens, dust and more away from your family.

If you do not think that a high-efficiency filter is important for your home, you should at least make sure that you are changing your furnace filter often enough. At minimum, you should change your furnace filter four times per year – once before the start of each season. However, if you are an allergy sufferer or you have pets, you may want to consider changing your furnace filter once a month.

Start off with a clean state at the beginning of winter. This starts with your ductwork. After your furnace does its work, the warm air is distributed throughout your home through a system of ducts. You want to make sure that the air is not picking up any unwanted pollutants along the way. To avoid this, schedule a duct cleaning appointment with your local contractor. this is also a good way to catch any hidden issues your home may be suffering from – like mold, insects or rodents.

Be conscious of the cleaners and air fresheners you use during the winter. Consider natural alternatives. Remember, you can potentially breathe in anything you spray on your surface or spritz into the air.

Lastly, don’t forget to schedule a maintenance appointment for your furnace at the beginning of the heating season to make sure everything is operating properly. The time for scheduling an appointment this winter has passed; however, you can always ask your local contractor about a maintenance agreement. Many contractors will set up something with you so that they come out to check your HVAC system twice-a-year – once before the heating season and again before the cooling season.

The time for scheduling spring preventative maintenance will be here before you know it. Don’t forget to talk to your contractor about a maintenance agreement during your yearly appointment.


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