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How Does a Heat Pump Work

How does a heat pump work?

Working view of heat pump operation
The HEART of your heat pump

Earlier this week, we talked about how a heat pump can be the ideal system choice for many homeowners.

Are you thinking about choosing a heat pump for your home, but want to find out exactly how it’s different than an air conditioner? Really, the process that creates cool air in an air conditioner is exactly the same as the process for a heat pump. BUT, a heat pump can reverse the method used by an air conditioner to provide heat as well.

Looking for a refresher on how an air conditioner works? Visit our previous “How an Air Conditioner Works” blog post.

So, what’s the key difference? It’s called a reversing valve. This valve can reverse the flow of refrigerant so that hot air is distributed through your ducts and cool air is released into the air outside. This can mean lower gas heating bills (especially during the spring and fall), simpler system setup is some areas (in the South, you may only need a heat pump and air handler to heat and cool your home) and greater home comfort.Curious how a heat pump works? Ask your local HVAC contractor.

Still not sure if a heat pump system is the right option for your home? You know where to turn. Your local heating and air conditioning professional will be able to fill you in on everything you need to know about electric heat pumps. They can tell you whether it’s common in your area to have these systems installed and they can tell you which setup (packaged, split or dual fuel) is right for your home.

So, are you still considering a heat pump for your home?


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