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Is Your Air Conditioner the Right Size?

Having a properly sized air conditioner is important.

Is your air conditioner the right size for your home?

Did you make sure your contractor properly sized your air conditioner when you had it installed in your home? Proper sizing is a critical step in the air conditioning purchasing process. Your contractor should not simply base equipment size on rule-of-thumb measurements. In fact, they may not want to go off the size that you currently have in your home. An improperly sized air conditioner can have serious implications for your home comfort AND wallet.

If you are noticing any of the following things, your air conditioner may be too small.

  • Your home never reaches your programmed temperature.
  • Your equipment constantly runs.
  • Your electricity bills are high.

Home comfort is paramount during the summer, but at what cost? An undersized air conditioner can have a major impact on your wallet. Not only will your system have a harder time reaching your desired temperature, but the constant operation can damage your unit – resulting in shorter system life. An air conditioner is an investment in your home comfort – you want to make sure your investment lasts.

If any of the following are happening in your home, your air conditioner may be too large.

  • Your air conditioner short cycles.
  • Your electricity bills are high.
  • Your home is humid.

Make sure your contractor properly measures your home for the right sized air conditionerWhen your air conditioner is too large, it doesn’t run long enough to get the appropriate amount of humidity out of the air. High humidity in your home can have a negative impact on comfort. A humid home is a hot home – you could find yourself lowering the temperature your thermostat is set at because your home just does not feel cool enough. Plus, high humidity levels can encourage mold and mildew growth, resulting in poor indoor air quality and unpleasant odors.

Think your air conditioner is improperly sized? Reach out to your local heating and air conditioning contractor.


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