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When Is It Time to Call a Contractor

Do you need some heating and air conditioning help?

Don't touch your tools - call a contractor instead.

There’s no two ways about it, when your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you’re not going to be a happy camper. The temptation can be to shake your first at the sky, pick up a wrench and attempt to fix it yourself.

Drop that wrench!

It’s important to know when it is appropriate to do a minor HVAC-related task, and when it is time to call in the “big guns” – A.K.A. your local contractor.

These are minor fixes you can attempt before you call a contractor. Anything beyond this should be handled by a professional.

  • Make sure the system is turned on at the breaker and the outlet.
  • Make sure the thermostat is set to the appropriate model – heat or cool.
  • Make sure the temperature is either above the temperature outdoors (if in heating mode) or below the temperature outdoors (if in cooling mode).
  • Replace your furnace filter.
  • Open your registers and vents.

When to turn off your equipment and call a contractor…

  • There is visual damage to your outdoor or indoor equipment.
  • Furnace is on but there is no warm air blowing from your vents.
  • There is visual duct damage.
  • You are in heating model, but cold air is blowing from your ducts.
  • Air conditioner is on, making loud noises and the fan is not blowing.
  • Your air conditioner or furnace is constantly running and not reaching temperature.

Basically, when it doubt, call a professional.


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