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MB7VM | Maytag Air Handler with Variable Speed Motor
Maytag Modular Air Handler

MB7VM | Maytag Air Handler with Variable Speed Motor

  • Exceptional, Quiet Operation and High Home Comfort Levels:A variable-speed unit can enhance home comfort and system operation. This unit provides more consistent temperatures throughout your home and operates at extra-quiet noise levels. A variable-speed unit is a quality unit.
  • Highly Efficient Performance:When you properly match this variable-speed air handler with a 13- or 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump, you will experience up to an additional SEER of cooling efficiency.
  • Quiet Operation: Noise reduction is achieved with exceptionally quiet and smooth blower on and off cycles.
  • Solid Exterior with Excellent Finish: This unit includes protection against corrosion. It is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane finish.
  • Exceptional Insulation: A half an inch of quality insulation helps prevent problems with cabinet sweating in difficult applications and keeps noise levels to a minimum.

Looking for customized cooling performance? The MB7VM could be the air handler for you. When you properly match this air handler with Maytag C7 coils and cooling units you can expect above-standard efficiency and dependable, long-lasting performance.

Product Code: MB7VM
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Warranty Info
  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 12-year parts warranty.
  • Product registration required.

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