Buying a new, reliable HVAC system is easier than ever.

Everyone wants a hard-working HVAC unit that performs beyond their expectations. Don’t settle for anything less! Get a top-tier Maytag® unit with high efficiency and premium performance at an affordable price. We offer financing so you get the system you want.


The Renovate America Benji Program offers financing for home improvement projects including HVAC equipment upgrades and replacement. Loan options feature affordable, monthly payments and competitive fixed interest rates. Applications are quick and easy and offer homeowners a more affordable means of home renovation.


FTL Finance offers an HVAC installment loan with a fixed interest rate and fixed terms. This loan is for air conditioners, heat pumps and more. Because of the fixed interest rate and terms, you always know what your monthly payment will be and how long it will last. Your payment will depend on the term you choose, but it will not change.

EcoHome Financial

Canadian homeowners looking for affordable financing can turn to EcoHome. EcoHome offers financing options that suit your budget and lifestyle. Features include competitive interest rates, deferred payments and zero interest options. Plus, you can get approved through a quick online process.

These financing options are not offered by all Maytag® contractors. When you choose a contractor, make sure to ask about financing options. Contractors who offer these options will have the finance icon attached to them on the dealer locator. Note: Renovate America and FTL Finance are not available in Canada.

Ask a Maytag® Contractor About Financing

Find a dependable Maytag® contractor near you who offers financing, and you’ll be enjoying the comfort of a brand-new Maytag® HVAC system before you know it.