Kick cold weather to the curb with a Maytag® furnace.

Your home comfort won’t be complete without a dependable heating system. Rely on a Maytag® gas furnace to protect your home from winter’s chill.

M1200 Series

Our M1200 series includes our highest efficiency gas furnaces. Each unit is covered by our best warranty – 12-year worry-free limited parts coverage and Dependability Promise with registration. See warranty page for details.

M1200 Furnaces


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We Found Your Match!

You need a hard-working group of HVAC systems to take care of your home comfort, and our iQ Drive split-system air conditioner and iQ Drive ready furnace deliver results. These systems offer everything you need – from maximum home comfort to increased energy efficiency and premium noise reduction.

M120 Series

M120 gas furnaces are hard-working, dependable systems that bring comfort to your home for a genuine value. All M120 furnaces include a 12-year worry-free limited warranty on parts and a one-year Dependability Promise when registered. See warranty page for details.

M120 Furnaces


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*Restrictions apply. Learn more.

Phenomenal Coverage

You’ve found the hard-working system you always wanted. How about we throw in an extra-long warranty to back it up? Each of our units is covered by our 12-year limited parts warranty and Dependability Promise upon registration.

Easy to Buy

Ready to buy your new furnace? Check out your finance options or connect with a contractor to get a quote.