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PGC2TA PGC2TK | Maytag M1200 80% Two-Stage Variable-Speed Gas Furnace
Maytag Gas Furnace

PGC2TA PGC2TK | Maytag M1200 80% Two-Stage Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

  • Increased Home Comfort: Two-stage heating operation results in exceptional temperature control and increased dehumidification assistance. Additionally, a variable-speed blower can reduce noise levels associated with operation and improve the filtration power of your unit.
  • Premium Furnace Noise Levels: The insulated blower compartment improves system satisfaction. The insulation allows for very quiet operation.
  • Comfortable Start-Up: When some furnaces start up, they can release cold air throughout your home. Not this model. It contains a 30-second blower delay that assures a warm duct temperature when the unit kicks on.
  • iQ Drive System Pair: When you pair this quality furnace with your iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump, you can expect premium performance levels and exceptional efficiency.
  • Exceptional SmartStart Technology : This furnace model includes a SmartStart control board that can help extend the life of the ignitor. This smart board learns the start-up characteristics and adjusts the units firing percentage accordingly.
  • Quality Units Shipped from the Factory: This furnace is backed by numerous quality checks. At the factory, 234 quality checks are performed on this model.

The Maytag M1200 PGC2TA-VS and PGC2TK-VS gas furnace models offer premium comfort and long-lasting dependability. These gas furnace models come complete with two-stage gas valves and variable-speed motors that increase comfort and efficiency when paired with Maytag coils and air conditioners or heat pumps. Additionally, this model is backed by an outstanding parts warranty when the unit is registered.

This model not available in Canada.

This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit (14 ng/J), and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. This furnace is not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program:

Product Code: PGC2TA-K-VS
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 12-year all-parts warranty.
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 12-year Dependability Promise to replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails.
  • Product registration required.

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