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PGC2TE PGC2TN Maytag M1200 96% AFUE Two-Stage Variable-Speed Gas Furnace
Maytag Condensing Gas Furnace

PGC2TE, PGC2TN | Maytag M1200 96% AFUE Two-Stage Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

  • Greater Home Comfort: Features variable speed technology that promotes greater home comfort and quiet operation. It is able to ramp up to speed and provide a better mix or air, limiting instances of hot and cold spots.
  • Energy-Efficient Performance: This unit features multi-stage operation - it can operate at low and high capacity, maximizing efficiency.
  • Multiple Airflow Settings: This unit features 16 heating and cooling speeds that can help overcome most challenging high-static applications.
  • Quiet Performance: This unit offers quiet performance aided by variable-speed motor technology, less than 2% cabinet air leaks and air insulated blower compartment, meeting ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • 30-Second Blower Delay: No need to worry about a cold blast of air as soon as your furnace kicks on. This unit includes a 30-second blower delay ensuring a warm duct temperature at furnace start up.
  • Enhanced Igniter Technology: SmartStart technology learns the start-up characteristics of your furnace and adjusts the firing percentage accordingly. This is done to extend the life of the igniter.
  • Quality Checked: Each furnace is checked at every point in the manufacturing process - 234 times before it leaves the factory.

Choosing a high-efficiency gas furnace can help you maximize comfort and minimize your gas bill. The PGC2TE and PGC2TN boasts 96% AFUE two-stage, variable-speed performance. In fact, this efficient system surpasses ENERGY STAR's criteria for high-efficiency furnaces.

Product Code: PGC2TE-N-VS
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 12-year all-parts warranty.
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 12-year Dependability Promise to replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails.
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