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PPH3SF | Maytag M1200 16-SEER, 8.2-HSPF Packaged Heat Pump
Maytag Packaged Heat Pump

PPH3SF | Maytag M1200 16-SEER, 8.2 HSPF Packaged Heat Pump

  • Two-Stage Operation: The unit's two-stage compressor and 16-speed blower motor provide even temperatures throughout a home and enhance dehumidification capabilities.
  • Quiet: Reduces unwanted operation noise with a highly-engineered condenser fan motor and matched custom venturi fan, compressor sound blanket and fully-insulated return compartment.
  • Backup Heat: Provides up to 20 kW of electric backup heat.
  • Durability Enhanced: Galvanized steel exterior coated in a polyester-urethane finish increase the durability of this model.
  • Convertibility: Unit can be installed on the roof or the ground. The high wind kit ensures your unit stays in place.
  • Reliable Coil Technology: Contains innovative all-aluminum coils for increased durability.
  • Coil Guard: Coil protection supplied by a rust-resistant coil guard coated in an Earth-friendly epoxy and a finely-woven mesh hail guard.
  • Quality Assurance: Each PPH3SF is checked 72 times and tested in all modes of operation before it is shipped from the factory.

  • The PPH3SF convertible footprint packaged heat pump provides extra-high-efficiency 16-SEER, 8.2-HSPF performance. This unit is ENERGY STAR listed and features flexible installation - it can be installed on either a roof or the ground. The two-stage compressor and 16-speed blower motor help reduce hot and cold spots. Maytag heating and air conditioning products provide premier home comfort alongside an exceptional warranty - 12 year all parts when your unit is registered.

Product Code: PPH3SF
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 12-year all-parts warranty.
  • Peace of mind with 1-year Dependability Promise to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails.
  • Product registration required.

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