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PRO1 T701 | Maytag® Single-Stage Thermostat
Maytag PRO1 Single Stage Thermostat

PRO1 T701 | Maytag Single-Stage Thermostat

  • Simple Design: This single-stage thermostat features a clear display and simple system controls for user-friendly operation.
  • Designed for Your System: This model works with single-stage cooling and heating systems for premium comfort control.
  • Clear Display: Thermostat features a 4 square display.

Looking for the right thermostat to match your single-stage air conditioner and gas furnace? Check out the PRO1 T701. This user-friendly thermostat could be the right match for your heating and cooling system.

Product Code: 01-0871
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Warranty Info
  • 1 year parts warranty.
  • If installed as part of a matched system, assumes the system warranty.
  • Product registration required.

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