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Install the Best Central Air Conditioner in Your Alabama Home

Whether you live in Huntsville or Mobile, you need a powerful central air conditioner. Summers can get hot and muggy, even if you live further to the north, meaning your air conditioner will have a lot of hard days on the job. The best central air conditioner for homeowners in Alabama will be high efficiency and provide additional dehumidification capabilities to keep home comfort levels at their peak levels. Whether you are a homeowners on a budget or looking for the most efficient air conditioner, there is a central air conditioner that will address your needs.

Standard-efficiency air conditioners may not be rated highest for efficiency, but they can still be a significant upgrade to an old unit. Prior to 2006, the minimum-efficiency ratings were bumped up by 30% to 13 SEER. Chances are, if your air conditioner was installed before 2006, it is rated below minimum efficiency ratings for today (this is not even taking into account the fact that over time your air conditioner could have lost efficiency through routine wear and tear). So, even if you decide to go with a standard-efficiency system instead of a high-efficiency air conditioner it could still be significantly higher than your old unit and reduce the amount of money you spend monthly during the summer on cooling costs.

The best air conditioners are rated at the highest efficiency levels. At Maytag®, we offer one of the best central air conditioners in the industry - the up to 25.5 SEER iQ Drive® air conditioner. The price of the air conditioner may be more at installation, but you may save a significant amount of money on utilities. With all of those efficiency savings you could take a trip to the gulf or go see a Crimson Tide football game in Tuscaloosa.

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Find a Professional HVAC Contractor to Install Your New Air Conditioner

Ready to get started on the contractor selection process? You've come to the right place. There are a number of Maytag® professionals who can get your high-efficiency air conditioning installation job right, and done right the first time. A poorly installed air conditioner is never going to reach its efficiency potential - you may as well be taking your money and burning it. Although going with a contractor who gives you the lowest bid can seem like the best way to go (they HAVE to know how to install your air conditioner, right?) you could end up paying for those initial savings in the long run with a costly replacement sooner than you expected along with less-than-expected efficiency. Go with a contractor who maintains professional business practices and has a positive reputation with past clients. You may end up paying a little bit more for quality installation, but it will be worth it.

Can't find a Maytag® contractor listed below in your area? Give us a call at (888)872-2321, and we can get you in touch with a contractor qualified to install your equipment in your area.

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