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Install a Heat Pump Rated as High Efficiency in Your California Home

A new heating and cooling system may be just what you need in your California home. Your heating and cooling system will always be the star of your home comfort so make sure you treat it with the care and attention it demands. Through regular preventative maintenance you can catch problems when they arise and replace the unit when it needs to be replaced in order to maximize efficiency and increase home comfort. Did you know that the average air conditioner lasts 16 years? And they don't age like a fine Napa Valley wine either. As air conditioners get older they can lose efficiency and may get further behind on technology. If you are ready to make that replacement call, there are some pointers for choosing a new heating and cooling system for your California home.

A high-efficiency packaged heat pump is the right heating and cooling solution for all residents of California. Whether it is sunny Los Angeles, toasts San Bernadinio or the milder Sacramento - a high-efficiency heat pump can address year-round heating and cooling concerns efficiently and at high home comfort levels. A packaged heat pump, like other packaged heating and cooling systems, contains all heating and cooling needs in one convenient, outdoor unit. These are great options for homeowners who don't have basement, don't have the space indoors for an air handler or furnace, and any homeowner who is replacing an existing packaged unit (it can be expensive to transition from packaged to split and vice versa). These units come in a range of efficiencies - any of which could be an upgrade to your old unit. Just always remember to invest in the most efficient unit you can afford to reap the full reward that having an efficient packaged heat pump can offer. Heat pump ratings of heat pump efficiency are the best way to gauge the potential energy-savings you could enjoy with your new heat pump - heat pump reviews don't always paint a complete picture of a heat pump because so much depends on installation quality.

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling power to address year-round heating and cooling concerns. Since temperatures don't drop too low in California, the electric heating-capabilities of a heat pump are more than sufficient to address heating demands.

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Find a California Central Cooling Contractor

You wouldn't hire just anybody to work on your car. Similarly, you should not just hire anybody to work on your heating and air conditioning equipment. HVAC units are complicated, important appliances that can have the greatest impact on home comfort. Some heating and cooling professionals may not even be qualified to install the type of unit you want. For example, high-efficiency heating and cooling products in the iQ Drive® line must be installed by iQ Drive certified contractors in order to get maximum efficiency performance. Also, always hire a contractor who is qualified to install equipment from the manufacturer you want. If you want a high-efficiency, Maytag® heat pump, make sure you find the Maytag® contractor in your area.

However, if you do not see a contractor in your area, we can help you out. There may be another professional located in your vicinity in California who can service or install your equipment. Give us a call at (888)872-2321.

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