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Want to know the biggest tip when it comes to extending the life of your California home furnace system?

It's annual preventative maintenance. By scheduling clean and checks during the fall, you can avoid costly repairs during the peak heating season and may potentially extend the life of your unit. A properly maintained unit is more likely to last longer than a unit that is installed and left to its own devices. Not only that, but if you have to call a technician during one of the peak seasons, you could be without your heating or air conditioning system for much longer than you want. During a clean and check, your home furnace contractor will make sure that your unit is performing at the best levels possible in addition to making sure the unit is spic and span.

We offer tips for homeowners looking to have a new furnace installed in their home.

Looking for a Packaged Unit for Your California Home? Maytag® Has Options

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Recommending one heating and air conditioning system for the entire state of California is tricky. From mountains and valley to cool sea breezes and desert conditions, there is a wealth of geographic features that affect the weather Californians in different parts of the state experience. However, one commonality throughout the state is an absence of basements. This means that you may not have the room inside for the interior component of a split system. A package unit solves this problem. Your furnace, instead of being placed inside your home, is located, along with the cooling components of your central heat and air system, in one convenient outdoor unit. You can choose between a number of different packaged units depending on where you live, including: packaged heat pumps, packaged air conditioners, dual-fuel systems and gas packs.

Talk to the California home furnace contractor in your area for information on different types of packaged units.

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