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Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota

Can't decide how efficient you want your gas furnace to be? Talk to your local Minnesota contractor.

Making the decision to go with a high-efficiency gas furnace or a minimum efficiency gas furnace can be a tough one. After all, both are going to be an upgrade from an old, clunky furnace. But, one furnace is going to cost you more out of pocket in the beginning. This efficiency of your furnace correlates to price. So, if you invest in the high-efficiency furnace you are going to pay more up front. However, you can recoup the initial difference in price over the years through efficient operation. After you meet with your heating professional, they will be able to tell you if you will benefits from a more efficient furnace. Just make sure that if you do decide to go with a high-efficiency furnace, you choose a contractor that is trained to install that equipment.

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Minnesota Is a State Known for its Winters...Equip Your Home with an Efficient Furnace

Split Rock Lighthouse near Lake Superior in Minnesota

You know it's cold where you live when below freezing becomes the norm during the winter. Although some areas of Minnesota closer to the Great Lakes are slightly warmer, for the most part Minnesota is one of the coldest states. Make sure you have a great heating system that can tackle the immerse heating strain that is placed on your furnace without breaking the bank. The 97% AFUE modulating gas furnace from the iQ Drive® line makes that the case. These smart systems are able to vary the capacity they operate at in order to provide efficient heating power. You may spend more up front, but you can potentially save a bundle on your heating bills and recoup those costs.

Talk to your Minnesota gas furnace contractor about installing a high-efficiency iQ Drive modulating gas furnace.

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