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Want to know what affects the cost of a Nebraska gas furnace?

The best way to find the best price is to talk to your furnace service contractor. There are many different variables that go into determining gas furnace prices. No two homes are the same, so costs of labor may vary from one home to another. You may need a furnace that is higher in efficiency (because of your location) or you may need additional work to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Also, a contractor may charge more for his services than another contractor. But keep in mind that cost and quality are oftentimes correlated. The more expensive contractor may have more costs associated with running a quality business (like keeping up on training, certifications and permits) that a contractor who is cutting corners may not have built in to his labor costs. Make sure to shop around and find the contractor who is qualified to install your heating system.

Whether You Are Looking for Minimum or High-Efficiency Heating Equipment, You Have Options

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Gas furnace costs can get high. But, because a furnace is so crucial for home comfort during those cold nights on the Nebraska plains, it is important that you either schedule regular maintenance for your existing furnace or know when it is time to replace your old system with a new one. Even a minimum efficiency furnace rated at 80% AFUE can be a significant improvement to an old system from 10 to 20 years ago. Old efficiency standards were not a stringent as they are today (old units may only be rated from 60% AFUE to 0% AFUE). Even an 80% AFUE unit is a significant improvement to one of these units. But, if you want something a little more efficient, you can choose the high-efficiency iQ Drive® modulating gas furnace rated at 97% AFUE - one of the highest efficiency furnaces in the industry.

There are many things that go into determining the cost of a new furnace and overall system satisfaction. Explore our helpful buying and troubleshooting guides for more advice.

Talk to your furnace repair technician about the cost of a new gas furnace - whether high efficiency or minimum efficiency - for your Nebraska home.

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