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South Carolina Contractors Offer Heating Repair

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It can be a real drag to be stuck without a functioning heating system during the winter, even in South Carolina

That is why you should hire a heating service contractor during the fall to make sure that your furnace or heat pump is working at peak performance levels. Not only that, regular upkeep is recommended to get the most our of your system. It doesn't matter if you have an efficient system, heating units can get dirty through use and gradually love their initial performance ratings without proper are. Counter this by scheduling annual preventative maintenance. You can also avoid emergency service calls during the winter by catching minor problems that could turn into big issues later.

Those are only some of the services your heating contractor can perform on your home heating system. here are some tips to make sure that your heating system service or purchase goes smoothly.

Work with South Carolina's Mild Winters and Purchase a Heat Pump - Packaged or Split

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While summers in the South can be hot and humid, these states catch a break in the form of mild, cool, comfortable winters. This means that heavy-duty heating systems (like gas furnaces) may not be necessary to heat your home during the winter. A great alternative to a gas furnace is a heat pump. These systems provide powerful cooling capabilities, capable of dealing with the strain of a southern summer, while also having heating capabilities for those winter nights. Not only that, but these systems are less expensive sources of electric heat (in terms of operation costs) than things like heat strips or space heaters. Instead of producing original heat from electricity, it reverses the process used by an air conditioner to transfer heat from one stream of air to another. This heat transfer process uses up less electricity.

Heat pumps come in both packaged and split system layouts. Talk to your South Carolina heating service contractor for more information on heat pumps.

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