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Choosing the Best Air Conditioner Unit for a West Virginia Home

Overwhelmed by all of the potential air conditioning options available for your West Virginia home? It doesn't matter if you are from Morgantown or Charleston, when summer comes flooding your mountain town with hot temperatures, it is important that you have a quality air conditioner to keep home comfort levels at optimum levels and indoor air quality levels at high, healthy levels. Are you looking for efficiency? Are you looking for a unit that is more budget friendly? Here are a few things to keep in mind before going into a new AC unit purchase.

  • The best air conditioners are installed by the best contractors. Make sure you take the time to put some research into the contractor selection process and find the most qualified professional for the job.
  • Make sure your HVAC system is correctly sized for your West Virginia home. An air conditioner that is to big or too small will not run efficiently or effectively. This can lead to costly repairs and inefficient performance. Make sure your contractor performs a Manual J load calculation.
  • Explore all of your system options. Do you not have a basement? Are you interested in having both heating and cooling power? Make sure you don't just look at the standard split system air conditioner/gas furnace setup. A heat pump or a packaged unit could be the better option for your home.
  • Stay up-to-date on annual maintenance appointments. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid a costly repair during the cooling season. Your contractor will be able to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency levels and can catch minor problems before they can cause major headaches.

Residents of the Mountain state need powerful cooling capabilities during the summer. Make sure you select the best unit for your home.

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Do Your Research When Selecting Your West Virginia Air Conditioner Service Contractor

For air conditioner unit installation, make sure you hire an HVAC contractor that is prepared to do the job right the first time. Whether you just need an appointment for cleaning your air conditioning unit, need to schedule an annual preventative maintenance appointment, need a new air conditioner unit installed or, hopefully not, have an emergency repair need - there is the right professional out there, but they aren't always the first one you find. Things like not being licensed, giving a quote over the phone or on the back of a business card and not preforming the proper calculations to determine the right sized unit are all red flags to look for when going through the contractor selection process. Even the best air conditioners won't perform to the best of their ability when not installed and maintained correctly.

Can't find a Maytag® contractor in your area? We can help you out. Give us a call at (888)872-2321 and we can get you in touch with the West Virginia contractor in your area that is qualified to install the air conditioner unit you need.

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