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Gas Furnace Contractors in Wisconsin

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Replacing a gas furnace in your Wisconsin home requires particular expertise.

Not all furnace specialists are trained on all equipment. For example, if you want an iQ Drive system installed in your home, only certain contractors are trained to install these units. It doesn't matter how energy-efficient or which durability benefits are associated with a furnace, if it's installed improperly you could be dropping money to repair or replace your unit sooner rather than later.

Learn the ins-and-outs of gas furnace purchasing maintenance.

Wisconsin Homeowners Looking to Reduce Their Gas Use Should Explore Dual-Fuel

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If you live in Wisconsin, you know that heating your home can get costly during the winter. Gas is often more expensive than other sources of fuel; however, many sources of electric heat can substantially raise electricity bills and oil furnaces require a lot of storage, maintenance and money. However, a way to reduce gas bills and get great, budget-friendly electric heat is a dual-fuel setup containing a heat pump and gas furnace. Your heat pump is a source of electric heat that works by transferring heat in outdoor air, indoors. Heat pumps do not create heat with electricity like other electric heating methods with higher operation costs, making electricity bills lower. Your gas furnace will only turn on when your heat pump can no longer efficiently pull the heat out of the outdoor air.

You don't have to settle on an HVAC system that doesn't give you the most of what you want. Talk to your local Wisconsin contractor to discover your gas furnace / heat pump options.

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