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iQ Drive®

Maytag® iQ Drive systems: the dependable, high-efficiency HVAC solution.

It is easy to find our ultra-high energy efficient heating and air conditioning equipment - just look for a unit in the iQ Drive line. Maytag® iQ Drive heating and air conditioning equipment comes in both packaged setups and split-system setups. Our gas/electric packaged unit contains all of the same iQ Drive system benefits but in one, convenient outdoor unit.

Currently, Maytag ® manufactures our best air conditioner. Ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra quiet, rated all the way up to 20 SEER! This unprecedented level of efficiency is due to the unit's inverter-driven rotary compressor. This compressor is able to modulate between 40 to 118% capacity. Why is this important? Because of the modulation capabilities, your unit will not go through as many energy-guzzling on/off cycles.

Make sure the contractor you hire is qualified to install high-efficiency iQ Drive equipment. By using the dealer locator, you can find the HVAC technician in your area who is trained on iQ Drive equipment. Use the filters to the left to choose which iQ Drive unit will work best for your home.

Maytag iQ Drive 20 SEER Air Conditioner Maytag iQ Drive Heat Pump Maytag iQ Drive Gas Pack Maytag iQ Drive Gas/Electric Package Unit
Ultra-high efficiency cooling in a quiet model. Ultra-high efficiency heating and cooling in a quiet model. Our best gas pack. One of the quietest, most efficient packaged systems you can buy. Extra-efficient heating and cooling performance in one packaged unit.
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