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When you choose a Maytag ® HVAC Genuine Contractor, you are getting top contractor quality. HVAC dealers who qualify for this certification have a history of maintaining homeowner satisfaction and are continually striving to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest heating and air conditioning technology. The Genuine Contractor certification takes the guesswork out of choosing an HVAC dealer when you choose a Genuine Contractor you are getting the very best contractor quality.

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Known for Customer Satisfaction. The internet makes it hard to run from a poor customer satisfaction history. Because of this, our Genuine Contractors must have a positive online reputation with past clients. Recommendations and contractor reviews are the best way to know whether your HVAC dealer is thorough before the job is even started.

Why should you care? Contractor quality and system performance go hand-in-hand if the contractor does a poor job on the install, you arent going to get expected efficiency or performance. If your contractor has done a good job in the past, they are more likely to continue doing a quality job.

Ongoing Technical Training. Each Maytag HVAC Genuine Contractor must comply with all state, federal and municipal laws. They must also be up-to-date on training, permits, licenses and certifications. This includes ongoing technical training to make sure they are current on the latest Maytag HVAC heating and air conditioning technology.

Why should you care? You want the HVAC dealer you hire to be able to service and install the equipment you want in your home. You also want it to be done right the first time. Again, this is a quick way to assure confidence. And, with heating and cooling systems, confidence is key.

Choosing the right HVAC dealer is the most important thing youll do for your home comfort system. When it comes to heating and air, contractor selection ALWAYS matters. So, choose a Maytag HVAC Genuine Contractor and take the guesswork out of the HVAC dealer selection process. In fact, kick-start the search with the Maytag HVAC Dealer Locator.

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