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Holiday Cheer to All!

With extra guests in your home this season, make sure you keep your air quality fresh by swapping out your furnace filter regularly.

Roll Out the Dough

With all of the baking and cooking happening in the kitchen, you may be able to turn your thermostat down a few degrees and save on utility costs.

A Time for Giving

Don't forget to put a furnace clean and check on your list this time of year. Regular maintenance is vital to a healthy system.

High Efficiency Furnace Savings

High Efficiency Furnace Savings

Just how much can you save with a high-efficiency furnace?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to cut back on heating expenses during the winter? Although there are little things you can do (turning the thermostat down, investing in weather stripping, closing blinds, etc.) the change that is going to make the biggest impact is upgrading from an old furnace to a new high-efficiency model.Older models, from 10 or so years ago, did not have to meet the same efficiency requirements that systems manufactured today have to meet. So, not only will the efficiency of your old system have decreased (through normal use), it may have...

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